3 Tips to Successful DIY Projects

It is spring, the time for flowers and gardening; the entire world seems to come alive and beckons all to join in. Spring is also the time for doing all the projects that have been placed on the back burner during the winter months.

Redecorating and remodeling go into ‘over-drive’ in the spring months. This year may be the time to put in a new floor, add an island to the kitchen, install new windows, or maybe you only have to paint the rooms.

2012 brings the need to be economically wise; very few people have the funds to pay contractors to do the work for them. Because of this, a new ‘wave’ of DIY is hitting the market.

Three rules to starting any successful project are:

1. Whatever your project is, research it before beginning. The Internet has step-by-step instructions for any project you can think of, and your local DIY store will also have the personnel to help you. Many of the DIY stores have free classes for many projects.

2. Obtain the proper tools before starting your project. Larger and more costly tools can often be rented, saving the cost of buying.

3. Organize your tools. There is nothing as frustrating as being in the midst of a project and not being able to find the tool that you need.

Your tools should be organized at all times; one should never have to scrounge around trying to find a screwdriver or hammer.

Tool organization is very simple.

# Get a good tool box. (Check garage sales, thrift shops and the classifieds; often times you can find the perfect tool box for much cheaper than the cost of a new one)
# Organize your tools in the tool box.
# Most importantly, put any tool that you use back in its proper place after using it.

Following these three simple rules will minimize if not eliminate ‘project frustration’.