Advantages and Disadvantages of a Wooden Greenhouse

So you have decided to locate a wooden greenhouse in your garden, but you are worried that you should consider a metal option. You will need to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of placing a wooden greenhouse into your garden and decide which of those points are the most important to you.

Unless you are an extremely gifted person, your plans to build a wooden greenhouse are probably only a dream. It’s so much easier and quicker to buy a wooden greenhouse kit from a superstore or an online provider.

The advantages…

The first advantage of buying a garden greenhouse in kit form is the enormous time-saving. You might believe you would save money building your own greenhouse from wood purchased locally, but the hours of hard labour and wear and tear on your cutting equipment, not to mention your own temper, probably won’t outweigh the ready-made kit for a wooden greenhouse, arriving on the back of a lorry.

You will have to design your wooden greenhouse, suggest estimates for the parts and then go and purchase all that becomes necessary. If you make an error, you’ll be back to the shop again, quite soon.

You need to think about how your wooden greenhouse will blend in with your property and your garden. You will guess that a wooden construction is probably going to look more at home than a plastic or metal production.

Whether you decide for or against building a wooden greenhouse, you need to remain fully aware that the main reason for a garden greenhouse is so you can grow your seedlings and plants in a fully guarded environment, combining elements of heat and ventilation for great success. You will want to spend time potting in your greenhouse, so the more time you spend working in the greenhouse, which is your relaxation, goes completely against the enormous amount of time you would spend building your own.

One final advantage of choosing a wooden greenhouse is that if a piece of wood fails through damage or rotting, you should be to replace it quite easily. Unless you are an expert welder or plastics authority, you won’t find mending damage under those circumstances, quite so easy.

The disadvantages…

One disadvantage of trying to build a wooden greenhouse yourself is not receiving step-by-step instructions as you would if you had bought a kit. Any errors you make will have to be solved before you can move onto the next stage.

It is highly probable that the cost of buying the wooden greenhouse will be more than your attempt to build a wooden greenhouse. However, the difference in cost might not be as much as you initially believe. Wooden greenhouses are available in many different prices, so there is almost certainly one available within your price range.

You will probably need help if you build a greenhouse, from buying the wood yourself, rather than using a kit. If you purchase a wooden greenhouse in kit form, you will definitely need help as the panels can be quite heavy, particularly to move them during the construction period.

One potential disadvantage of buying a garden greenhouse made of wood is that you need to treat it regularly with a quality preservative and also to paint it regularly to make sure it doesn’t suffer from any dry rot.

Some people might argue that wooden frames are slightly more bulky than metal frames. This means that the wood will block more sunlight getting into your greenhouse than a metal frame would. The difference in size isn’t enormous and shouldn’t really affect your purchase decision, even if you consider the days without much light and heat, in winter.

Keep in mind the main purpose of your greenhouse is to give you the satisfaction of growing your plants in a controlled environment. The less time you spend building the greenhouse, the more time you will spend enjoying it.