Everything You Need To Know About Adding Window Awnings

So many factors go into increasing the value of your home – why not add window awnings to your list? They are good value for the money that you’ll spend, and with some routine care and maintenance, last for a long time.

Window awnings help homeowners enjoy the outdoors without suffering through excessive heat and exposure to the sun. Indoors, window awnings help keep the house cool and furniture from fading due to sun exposure.

Window awnings are made in a wide array of colors and styles. Styles that are incredibly popular with homeowners include: traditional open or closed sides, double bar, dome style, quarter barrel, waterfall, semi-circular and gable.

Many people turn to fabric window awnings first before looking at other options. However, potential buyers often worry that the fabric for their window awning will not be fade-resistant and therefore will have high replacement costs to contend with if they still want to reap the benefits of window awnings in their home. Yet this is not the case when it comes to fabric window awnings. Fabric window awnings are made of acrylic canvas, which is guaranteed not to fade for at least five years. Most homeowners will notice that the fabric from their window awnings needs to be replaced after 7 to 10 years. The replacement cost is about half the price of a brand new awning – which is fair, due to their longevity.

Although most people concentrate mostly on the fabric on their window awning, do not forget to give consideration to the frame! Frames that are made from steel or aluminum last virtually forever – especially when anodized and powder-coated.

Some homeowners looking to purchase window awnings for their home may not be completely convinced that a window awning can provide so many benefits for their home. The Consumer Energy Center, part of the California Energy Commission, recommends window awnings in order to help homeowners cool their homes in the summertime. The Consumer Energy Center also reports that 40% of the heat in your home comes from the windows. Installing window awnings reduces that heat considerably. Energy saving measures are just one of the many reasons why window awnings should be a part of your home improvement list.

Window awnings serve as protection from the elements, but homeowners need to also be aware of the aesthetic and economical benefits of purchasing window awnings for their home.

For starters, window awnings protect the underlying window frame from the elements – rain, sun, and snow. Window frames and windowpanes are made from wood, making them very fragile and vulnerable to harsh changes in outdoor conditions. Changes in the environment lead to deterioration of the wood, which in turn decreases the value of your home. Wood coating and polish may smooth out surface problems and prevent some problems, but for maximum protection, a window awning is the best decision.

If you’re a homeowner that has a substantial porch or patio, chances are you’re also going to have furniture there. Risking your furniture to the blazing heat of the sun allows a lot of wear and tear to occur. Exposing your furniture to the rain doesn’t help either – both lead to fading and deterioration of your furniture’s fabric.

Window awnings help indoors too! Homeowners that love a great afternoon downpour can enjoy the fresh breeze that the rain often brings without having the rainwater come inside the house through the window! Also, installing window awnings allows you to enjoy watching television or using the computer while still enjoying the natural light from outside.

There are certain factors that homeowners should consider when choosing window awnings. There are two basic materials to consider when choosing window awnings – fabric specifically designed for the outdoors, and aluminum. Aluminum is studier and requires less maintenance, yet have a very limited style and design. Moreover, the color options you have when choosing aluminum window awnings.

The angle you choose for the window awning matters just as much as the material. Windows that face east or west, the size of the drop for your window awning should be around 65-75% for maximum efficiency. For southern-facing windows, the drop of your window awning can be around 45-60%. The sun sits at a higher angle, therefore less coverage is needed. For more coverage, side panels can always be added on later.

Roll-up and retractable window awnings can add even more value to your home. These types of window awnings are great for patios and decks, as they can be extended and retracted as necessary. Some models of retractable window awnings have motors and switches to make them easier to retract.

Like regular window awnings, retractable window awnings are not built to withstand heavy rains, high windows, or heavy snows. To extend the life of your window awnings, be sure to protect them from these conditions.

One last type of window awning is freestanding awnings. Frequently used by businesses, these window awnings also stand out beautifully when used for patios, decks, and terraces.

The size is another big factor when choosing window awnings. Smaller awnings are best when attempting to achieve a decorative effect. Large awnings are suitable for those looking to maximize coverage at the cost of decorative value. Consult an architect before purchasing a window awning.

Window awnings add great value to your home for a great price. Window awnings provide energy savings, protection from the elements, and comfort for the interior of your home. Homeowners may wince at the startup costs of window awnings, but the price is well worth the quality you’ll get for paying premium for the addition to your home. If price is truly a concern, homeowners may wish to turn to self installation kits. The self installation kit for window awnings is easy to install, but homeowners that are concerned about installation problems may wish to leave this to a professional.

Whether self-installed or professionally installed, aluminum or fabric, window awnings bring value, charm, and style to your home. Window awnings protect provide shelter at a great price – all that stands between you and these beautiful additions is simply a little research!