Novels are a Nuisance, Store them Safely!

As a self confessed book lover, I understand having too many books. I buy them, read them, and then are physically unable to throw them away, or give them to a charity shop for someone else to love as much as I do. Oh no, they are mine! I may lend them gracefully to someone, but I always want them back, to cradle again like a mother with her child.

But when it comes to storing my treasure trove of interesting tomes, it becomes a little harder. Piles formed in corners, with tea cups balances precariously, and they appear everywhere, like mice playing hide and seek.

Rather than your home looking like an extension of the local library, why not try some innovative storage solutions to keep your possessions near, while keeping your house clean and tidy.

Shelves under the stairs are a great idea as they minimise wasted space and make the house look clutter free. Add boxes if you also favour storing old magazines, and keep the clutter to a minimum.

Use a bookcase to divide a room to make an open plan area look a little more compartmentalised. Pen shelves are ideal for this purpose as they add light to a room without creating dark areas, and created a stylish focal point.

Another great way to add a little intrigue on a normal shelf is to colour coordinate your books. By painting the shelf a really neutral colour you can organise your books in colour bands, to add impact to an otherwise neutral room and create a focal point to get people thumbing through your list of titles.

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