5 Types Of Wooden Summerhouses That Will Transform Your Garden

A wooden summerhouse is the perfect way to transform any garden or backyard and making the space more usable at the same time. If done right they can also add value to your property as they provide that additional room to the house that many potential buyers are looking for now days.

Once you install a summer house you will instantly create a focal point in the garden, and also be the talking point of many garden parties. They are practical buildings as they provide a multifunctional room which could be used as an outdoor office so you can work from home, a home gym, a child’s playhouse, a games room or simply just a place to unwind and relax in.

These garden buildings are available to be purchased in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes from a wide variety of garden building specialist sights. But the question is with all this variety, which do you choose? Below are five different types of summerhouse, all that could be right for you but regardless of the one that you pick it will certainly transform your garden for the best.

Low Cost Summer house

These are the types of wooden summerhouses that are designed to offer you the same functional room for a fraction of the cost. The main reason these builds are low cost are because the materials used to construct these summer houses are not as good a quality of those higher end products. A point to consider is that most manufactures will offer you two versions of the same summerhouse but at different costs. Why? You may ask. Well simply put, there are different variations of the features within the building. For example, the higher priced summer house may come with glass and tongue and groove wood throughout, but a building that is exactly the same in size and cladding maybe cheaper because it will come with plastic styrene glazing and an OSB roof and floor.

Think of it as adding optional extras to your car, do you need SatNav or will you use a map? Do you want tongue and groove flooring that is more durable, or a solid sheet board floor that isn’t as sturdy or hardwearing but fits your budget and will still do the job? It is something to consider when purchasing a building as you can often get the same building aesthetically for a little less money if you are willing to compromise, but on the other hand you will be able to see what extra you can get for a little more money.

Summerhouse with Veranda

A wooden summer house with veranda is always the more expensive model but a veranda is a great addition to have. It provides a space outdoors that you can sit and relax on and enjoy that summer breeze. Many buildings that have a veranda also have a roof overhang, which is great for providing shade and shelter from the sun whilst you are out on the veranda. Furthermore, the veranda always adds and additional characteristic to the building and is much more visually pleasing.

Corner Summer house

A corner garden summer house is the perfect way to help maximise your garden space. They are specifically designed to fit within a corner of your garden so that you are able to place the building out the way or in an area of your property that you previously unaware of what to do with the land. The corner summerhouse puts more emphasis on practicality and functionality rather than on style, but that doesn’t mean that corner summer houses are not attractive, not by a long way.

Octagonal Summer house

At the opposite end of the spectrum, octagonal summerhouses are more about style and are designed to feature more prominently in the garden. These summer houses are usually in the higher price bracket, but the craftsman ship and elegance of the buildings is something that will provide you with a stunning talking point in your garden.

Log Cabin summerhouse

These buildings are normal at the top end of the price scale as they can be of huge size and of high quality. Much larger than the average summer house, they provide more space internally and are usually better equipped to handle uses such as a personal gym or games room. These buildings also allow you to have the option of plumbing and electrics in the building, which help create a much more liveable outdoor garden room.

Wooden summerhouses

There are unlimited styles and size variations to choose from if you are looking for a wooden summerhouse. If you are not restricted by size then the best advice would be to figure out what purpose you are looking at getting a summerhouse for and then this should be a good basis for the size of summer house you may need to by. Don’t forget to look at reviews before you buy too as these are a good way to judge the quality of the summer house.

If You Crave Both Sustainability and Style, You Must Check Out Venetian Blinds by Tuiss

Sustainability and style can go hand in hand — just take a look at Venetian blinds by Tuiss. This is a company that truly focuses on giving you something that’s beautiful and that will also serve you well in the months and years to come.

Building a house is only one part of the challenge — you have to have the right items to make it a home. Decorating your house transforms the space. It allows you to show off your own unique sense of style. If you truly believe in going green, then you’re probably more aware of what your decor items are constructed form.

Venetian blinds are stylish, and Tuiss strives to use the highest quality materials possible. If you are worried about finding high quality window treatments, you’re reading the right guide.

Finding Tuiss products online is pretty easy — must go to the company’s website. You’ll actually find a lot of different choices to select from, giving you a chance to finally let your imagination run wild.

Are you worried about staying within your own budget? Don’t worry, we have you covered there too — you can sort things by price range, making sure that you don’t go outside of your budget. You will probably need several sets of venetian blinds to make sure that every window is covered by the new window treatments.

Make sure that you also don’t skip over measuring everything. You have to be able to know that once you order the blinds, you’re going to be able to install them on your own. If they don’t fit, then you have to try to return them. Any delay in transforming your space tends to make you frustrated — with good reason, of course.

The best thing that you can honestly do with your time at this point is to really spend time thinking about what you want to see in your space. Venetian blinds are lovely, and they come into many different materials. Beautiful wooden venetian blinds are coming back in style, as they go with virtually any color paint you want to put on the walls.

Blinds are fairly easy to install — so there’s no professional installation required. If you are looking for getting something as soon as possible, look no further than Venetian blinds by Tuiss!

Simple steps to give your home a makeover

As something which we see day-in and day-out, it is common for homeowners to become bored of their current décor. Unfortunately, redecorating your home is not always a viable option, especially given the current economic climate, so how can you give your home a makeover without breaking the bank?

Soft furnishings

If you decorate your room in neutral tones, then you’ll be able to change your soft furnishings whenever you like. This look is great in country cottages because you can swap summery curtains for something thicker and cosier in the winter.

You’ll also be able to change your cushions, rug or throws to give a whole new look to your room without having to get out the paintbrush time and time again.

New additions

It’s the little touches in a room that really make a difference, so accessorise with candles, vases and pictures. When you feel like a change simply rearrange your accessories or swap them for new ones.

A quick lick

Changing your room doesn’t have to mean buying lots of new furniture; you can transform any space with a quick lick of paint. Choose a colour that complements furnishings and accessories you already have and invest in a few new things to catch your eye.

Swap your sofa

If your sofa is looking a little tired, it will affect the entire appearance of the room and that means an upgrade may be in order. Choose a corner sofa for the ultimate choice in style and comfort – it’ll make the room feel more spacious too.

Dine in

Enjoying meals with friends and family is one of life’s great joys, yet dining rooms are usually underused. If your dining room sits empty most of the time then think of what you can add to make it more inviting.

Glass dining tables are a fantastic way to make a room feel more spacious and welcoming. If you want to save space, pick an extendable dining table so that you can convert your dining room for other purposes.

Floor it

Many older homes have hidden gems underneath the carpet. If you live in an older home, take a look under your floor covering to see if you have good quality tiles or wooden floors. A polished wooden floor is a timeless addition to any room that will look great with traditional or modern décor.

If you’re lucky enough to have original tiles in your hallway then make sure they’re out on display to make the space feel completely different.

Choose key pieces

If you want to make a change to your furniture, then take time to browse the furniture store for a few key pieces. Try placing your ornaments in a display cabinet to make them look as good as new or swap your old bookshelves and coffee table for something different.

Things to Consider When Building Your Own Custom Projects

There comes a point in the world of home improvement where you will have a project that seems so massive that you might want to get a professional for the task. However, does that mean that you really should? A custom project can be expensive, but you might have your own reasons for pulling it off. For example, you might already realize that you want to sell your home, and this project would definitely add a lot of value to your home. If that’s the case, then why would you want to delay another moment? We all know what happens when we put things aside — we tend to let them fall by the wayside, and that creates problems.

So if you want to create your own custom project, there are a few things that you will need to think about.

First and foremost, you will want to make sure that you think about the cost. Yes, it’s not the trendy thing to think about the cost of anything, but hear us out — one of the worst things that you could do is just plunge into a  project that you may or may not have the money to finish. You will want to always think about the cost of everything involved with your project. When you have a good budget, your project runs more smoothly because there are less starts and stops. That keeps you on target faster. If you’re racing against a deadline to sell your home, then this will be even more important than before.

Convenience might not sound like it’s at the core of every successful custom project, but the truth is that you really need to make sure that you have convenience at the top of your list. For example, you can turn to utility trailers that hook right up to the car that you already have. It’ll make all of those trips to the home improvement store a lot more efficient!

From there, you’ll need to break down the tasks involved in your project to make sure that you really do have the ability to get them done. Of course, you can just plunge in but mistakes in the world of home improvement are very costly. In addition, you’ll need to make sure that you are following the local building codes where you live.

We recommend a hybrid approach for large projects — you can always get a professional for some of the work, and then do the rest of the work yourself. You’ll still be saving money because you’re doing a lot of the labor on your own. However, you won’t have to risk mistakes made because you don’t really know what you’re doing with all of the work. It’s not just a matter of pride to be able to stand up and say that you did something. You can complete part of a project and still feel proud. Hiring a professional is just hiring a partner that happens to know more about the things that you don’t.

And that, our friends, is the best part of building a custom project — the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve completed something that not only matters to you, but that will impact your life in a great way!

It’s So Much Easier To Take On Those Home Improvement Projects When you Have the Right Tools!

If you’re worried about your upcoming home improvement projects…relax! The world of DIY is one that allows you to learn as you go, and that means that every project has the potential to get better and better. It’s going to be up to you to figure out what you want to accomplish and what you don’t want to accomplish with your projects. But there’s one thing that you have to do for every project in order to ensure success: you have to have the right tools!

Silverline tools are considered top of the line, and perfect for the serious DIY enthusiast. When you’re in the middle of a project you have to make sure that everything is going to go right the first time. You don’t want to wake up and find  yourself being unable to take care of the projects that matter most because you don’t have the right tools. Going out to the store constantly to pick up everything individually can be a real hassle. In addition, if you’re trying to save money by using substandard tools, you’re not going to be able to get much work done. These are tools that tend to be poorly resist to heat and even worse at actually lasting for years and years.

If you went with a line of equipment from Triton Tools you wouldn’t have this problem at all. It would just be another day in your DIY life, quietly tackling projects left and right. However, if you were to never focus on getting good tools, then every project is really a battle.

Even when you decide that you’re going to go with a contractor for many of the big projects around your home, you will still want to make sure that you have a proper set of tools. There are just going to be times where you want to really make sure that you don’t have to go with calling the contractors back out for every little thing. That can really get expensive, and everyone’s really trying to save money as much as possible.

When you’re in doubt, the road ahead is clear: you need to invest in the security of your home, right down to the tools. Would you use bad parts for your car, knowing that they are going to wear out? Absolutely not! This is the same thing — get the best tools now and your house will definitely thank you later! Start today — why delay another moment when there’s so much work to be done?

Using Electric Curtain Poles

If you want to upgrade your window treatments to impress, then electric curtain rails are a sure fire way to do this. They take all the effort out of opening curtains as they can simply roll along a motorised track at the push of a button. The wide variety of designs and styles on the market make these a perfect match for any room in the house.

To make things even more convenient, these rails can be operated without any input from the user and set to open with a timer function. This means that they can be opened automatically whilst you get on with your day to day life. It’s a good way to ensure you wake up with a smile on your face as you can set these to open as the sun rises, and close when the sun sets, allowing privacy to be kept at a maximum level. Another way you can achieve this is by installing light sensors with the curtain rails, so that they can operate themselves even without the use of a set timer.

This is not only convenient for lighting purposes, but also for security too. If you’re away on holiday, then you can set the timers on your curtain rails to make it look like there is someone at home whilst you’re away, which in turn can help deter any potential intruders. Obviously, the curtain rails shouldn’t be used as the sole component of your home security, but they can go a long way to ensuring that would-be burglars stay away.

In terms of convenience, fitting your new window treatments is a relatively painless task requiring very little hardware. As they come ready-prepared and fit for installation, you simply have to mount the rail to the wall and attach the curtains to the loops. All you need to do now is plug them into an electricity outlet and you are good to go. Providing it is a quality rail system you have purchased, your attention and maintenance should be rarely required (if at all) and you should get at least 15,000 uses out of it.

These window treatments are a great way to add a touch of convenience and style to your home. Whilst curtain poles also serve a very good purpose, these rails add sophistication are good forand impressing any guests too.

Keep a Warm House All Winter – Economy Radiators Are The Answer!

When you’re thinking about how to keep a house warm all winter, chances are good you’re going to be thinking modern and not old fashioned. Indeed, the days of stretching out by the fire are long gone. It’s not safe, and it’s not as efficient as we once believed. The new wave of the future is in electric radiator heating, a system that lets you bring the temperature of every room in your home to a different setting. There’s nothing wrong with seeking out maximum comfort for everyone within the home, even if they have different definitions. One system that can regulate the temperature of the house efficiently is definitely the key here.

But where do you turn when you’re looking for quality? Where do you turn when you know that the job has to get done right the first time? Economy radiators, for starters. Sure, there are other competing radiators out there, and we don’t doubt that at all. However, it’s been out experience that in something as critical as your home’s heat, you do not want to cut corners. You do not want to go with the cheapest option. You do not want to find that you went with something that won’t take care of your needs when it’s down to the proverbial wire.

Economy radiators offer many things that other radiator systems just don’t. They promise to offer those things, but they fail miserably in terms of overall efficiency. When you’re trying to make sure that your house stays warm all winter long, you do not have time to find that the cheap alternative you purchased is not only inefficiently heating your home, but it’s also costing you a lot more money.

Economy radiators are designed from the ground up to be as effective and efficient as they can possibly be.

Your house will stay nice and warm, leaving you focus on other issues that need your attention. When it comes to your home, there are just some things in life that should work properly from the beginning. Heating systems are one of them. The electric nature means that you’re getting a steady, stable fuel that will be consistent while providing great value. What’s not to like about that? The time is right to glance through the selection of economy radiators! Check it out!

5 top interior design tips for spring

As cliché as it sounds, spring is the time to clear out the clutter and give your home a refreshing spring clean. Giving your home furniture, from your oak dining table to your leather sofa, a good dusting down is only the start; there are plenty of quick, sure ways to renovate your interiors without a complete redesign.

5. Pastel perfect

Spring and summer 2012 is all about pastels. They hit the fashion catwalks last year and not only has the predicted trend hit the shopping rails it’s also ready to spread out its wings into the interior world too.

If your cream leather sofa is screaming out for a bit of companionship, try giving your walls a good wash down and a fresh new lick of paint. Pastel shades of paint are a great way of quickly and cost-efficiently injecting a little bit of contemporary trends into your living space.

4. Rediscover the retro

Are you an 80s child, or was this period more like your heyday than your birthday? While you’re in the attic storing select bits of clutter that you’ve collected during your clear out, be sure to have a rummage around.

The 80s are back and the trend is bringing in mosaicked deco patterns and fresh, simplistic shaped furniture including MDF side tables and three-legged stools.

If you love the theme but don’t have the goods, pick up a retro patterned runner for your oak dining table or mix some of your pastels with a few neon cushions and soft furnishings.

3. The old outdoors

Bringing the outdoors inside has been a popular theme for a few consecutive seasons now. Steering away from the typical forest and woodland designs and the beach house look, this spring we will see outdoors interiors take a new direction.

If you are hoping to rediscover some basic retro, as per tip four, you will find this effect works really well. Think back to retro flowered paper; bold poppy designs, yellow flowers, olive greens and beige backgrounds.

Picking a pale pastel shade for your walls and making a statement on a feature wall in your home is a great way of adding character without the cost.

2. Spring surprises

Not every revamp involves redecorating or buying new pieces of home furniture. Take advantage of the spring season and enjoy your newly blooming garden.
Taking a few stems of your favourite flowers, or growing bulbs indoors in the new-season sunshine is a fun and fabulous way of introducing some renewed energy into your living space. Flowers can really lift a room and clear the air for a fresh feel to the room.

1. Back to basics

If you are hoping to seriously de-clutter this year that may not be as far off trend as you were thinking. Removing all those bits and pieces that add a look of chaos to your home could be just what the trend books advise.

Again, don’t forget your neat retro patterns, but this time opt for shapes such as squares and triangles which have a more organised and neat composition. After a quick clean, let your distressed oak dining table do the talking and choose grey and brown accessories to complete the look.