Real vs Fake Plants for Your Home

Plants can play an excellent role in any workplace, adding a little nature to any room of any shape or size! But, when it comes to actually buying one, it can be hard to decide whether or not the plant should be real.

Real Plants

We all know that plants can produce oxygen, and some can even make a nice smell if the sunlight hits them right, but keep in mind that somebody’s going to need to look after it – not enough light, food and water are going to give you a shriven shrub that’ll really kill office morale. Plus, they might attract insects, and could start shedding leaves if you’re not careful.

On the other hand, they can filter out anything that shouldn’t be in the air, which helps freshen up your office environment, fix the humidity of the room, and generally just be nice and calming to look at – provided you’re able to keep them alive, healthy, and away from anything that might knock them over or people who might over-water them.

Real plants can also bear fruit, which could make for a nice little addition to the office in a smaller company – a small olive tree could be a fun detail to keep in a staff kitchen, for example.

Keep in mind that real plants would probably be heavier, thanks to their roots and the soil they need – once you put it down, try to make sure you won’t need to move it again, otherwise you’ll risk spilling wet soil all over your pretty vinyl flooring.

Artificial Plants

Just because a plant is fake doesn’t mean it’s bad! In fact, it might sometimes be easier to manage than a living decoration, as long as you don’t mind losing out on some benefits. It won’t do much for air quality, and a cheaper one may be quite obviously fake if you take a close look at it, but it’s no hassle to maintain and won’t made any mess if it’s container breaks.

It also won’t grow, bloom or produce anything – as quirky as it might seem to have a line of small olive trees or miniature cactuses plants up against the windows, the static change it’ll make to the area might stop being novel in a few weeks.

However, if you just want a plant in the office to boost morale and the aesthetic look of a room, artificial is the way to go – no fuss, just a nice, realistic decoration that you can put up and put down almost anywhere at any time. An excellent way to add a decoration, usually for a cheaper price and without any extra commitment or

As an added bonus, you can put it anywhere without risk of making a big mess – there’s no chance of you getting dirt or leaves over your company’s bathroom flooring, so sterility and cleanliness won’t be an issue!