Save Money and Mend Faulty Roller Blinds

After a while, roller blinds can become hard to use, navigate and may even begin to look old and tatty. But before rushing out to the stores to purchase a new set of window treatments, it is worth finding out whether or not they can be easily fixed. This is usually the case with roller blinds, as they are used regularly and can experience problems with the inner mechanisms that are too small and fiddly to stand the test of time.

Here are some common complications which can occur with the workings of roller blinds and suggestions for how to combat the problems:


It may be that the general appearance of your blinds is unsatisfactory. They can appear wrinkled, tatty and uneven after a while and many home owners would tackle this problem by purchasing a brand new blind. However, the cause of such a problem does not lie with the age of the fabric, rather the brackets on which it is attached to. If the brackets are screwed into the wall too close together then the blind will look uneven and untidy. To fix this, simply remove the blind, measure the width of the blind and compare that with the distance between the brackets and, if different, re-position them to the desired scale and return the blind to the window.

Up and Down

If the blind is refusing to stay either down then this is, more than likely, due to the mechanisms inside the roller being dirty. By removing the blind from the brackets, taking the cap off the end of the roller and spraying compressed air from a can into the inside, these types of mechanisms can be easily cleaned. Penetrating oil can be placed inside before re-attaching the cap to lubricate the parts and allow for ease of movement.

Roller blinds also can struggle to go both up and down. This common problem will, more than likely, be due to the pawl pin needing to be reset. Remove the blind from the window, roll the blind half way down by hand and locate the flat pin at the end of the roller. Use a pair of pliers to turn the pin clockwise before releasing. The pin is there to allow the pawl to attach to the ratchet inside the roller. Simply pull on the fabric to increase or decrease the tension before returning your blinds back to their original position.

The Speed

The speed at which a window blind rolls up or down can be extremely frustrating but can be fixed relatively easily.  If slow when rolling up, simply pull the blind half way down before removing it from the brackets and the window pane. Then roll back up by hand before re-attaching it. This process may need to be repeated until the desired speed is restored.

However, if the blind is moving too quickly when rolling up, then remove the blind from the brackets, roll the fabric down by hand a few inches before returning it to the wall. Again, this process may need repeating before the desired speed is restored.